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Coach Stacie’s Nutritional Lifestyle Workbook

Start a 30-day journey toward healthier habits with Coach Stacie's self-paced workbook.
Food is meant to be enjoyed and even indulged … in moderation, of course! Your body deserves to be nourished and thriving, not neglected and starving.

Yet the category of nutrition can be confusing. Navigating the ever-changing diet trends and conflicting “expert” opinions can be downright exhausting. I totally get it.


Nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated.

If you’re craving a simple, sustainable, and flexible path to follow, I’d love to help lead the way. My 30-day nutritional lifestyle workbook is the ideal opportunity to have fun and stress less while exploring healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.


The Nutritional Lifestyle Workbook is a good fit for you if:

  • You desire to lose weight or simply feel better in your skin.

  • You need guidance on how to eat and cook healthier.

  • You’re searching for some community and accountability. 

  • You want to get back on track with your diet and daily habits.

  • You’re curious about what Stacie is eating and want some recipe inspiration.

  • You’re tired of counting calories or macros and are ready for a fresh approach.


Your needs, routines, and taste buds are unique. That’s why this isn’t a cookie-cutter challenge. It’s also not a quick fix or an elimination game.


Ultimately, I want you to gain awareness and have fun with food by exploring more colors and variety on your plate. But it doesn’t stop there. 


We’ll also explore additional healthy living habits such as enjoying the sunshine, making human connections, giving back, smiling, splurging, and more.


In other words, indulge in life’s simple pleasures. And guess what? These blessings cost nothing but mean everything.

The Nutritional Lifestyle Workbook includes:

  • Immediate access to a digital workbook (70+ pages) with a game plan for success (now available as hard copy)

  • Daily checklists to help you experiment with food and elevate your existing routine

  • Meal planning pro tips, food prep hacks, and recipe ideas

  • Detailed graphics to help you select the best fuel for your body

  • No-frills teaching on plate balance, portion control, fruits and veggies, carbs, proteins, and more

  • Daily encouragement, coaching, and food journals to help you develop awareness and track progress

  • Access to my private Facebook community for 24/7 support, videos, photos, and recipe inspiration galore

The Nutritional Lifestyle Workbook does not include macro tracking or individualized coaching.

Go Far Lifestyles Success Stories

Thousands of men and women from across the world have finished this challenge with incredible results — and many keep coming back for more!

Each challenge I gain more confidence and control in my food choices! My clothes are truly fitting differently! - Heather

I’m getting A LOT BETTER at not eating sweets. I’ve noticed if I do have sweets, I’m now able to control my portions where in the past it was go big or go home!This is truly a lifestyle & I continue to learn. - Rashad

I never knew how fun it is to prep the proteins and vegetables. I love the accountability.  I like the challenge to do right and better. - Rachel

I am healthier than ever and feeling good. Thanks for the wonderful programming! - Allison

This has been awesome. I’m sure I’ll be figuring out years from now how this challenge changed my life. - Carlos

You're worth the investment.

Your health, your life, your goals and dreams matter. You matter. Let’s spend 30 days together building healthy habits you can carry with you forever.

You can choose to complete the challenge at your convenience, on your own schedule. Or you can sign up for a premium coaching group, offered periodically throughout the year.

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